Would you rather be surfing right now?

β€œNo more down time waiting for surf with this thing!"

- Keith | Seal Beach CA 

β€œUsing this board has translated directly to way better balance, coordination, and general strengthening of the key muscles"

- Gabriella | Brooklyn NY 

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Get ready to surf!

Our exclusive Magswitch roller stop system adjusts in seconds, and makes it easy to start slow and increase difficulty over time. More advanced riders can remove them completely for full freedom.

Yeah, we feel you.

Handcrafted in the USA

What if you could keep the vibes flowing year round and boost all aspects of your surfing skills, even during the offseason?

We got you πŸ™Œ

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Even after just a week with the Swell 2.0 you will notice an immediate difference in your surfing the next time you paddle out:

Radically improve your surf skills



Over 2500 

5-Star Reviews

From surfers around the world

Every detail matters. Each board is handcrafted by the hard working Revbalance team, and backed up by our lifetime warranty.

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Even when the 🌊's are flat or life gets in the way, you can count on the Swell 2.0 to bring the vibes any time off year.

Turn your living room into a surfer’s playground

+ Control

+ Power

+ Style

+ Confidence

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What's Included?

β€’ Full Digital User Guide

β€’ Magswitch Adjustable Stops

β€’ Durasoft Grip Top

β€’ Extended Length Roller

β€’ The REV Lifetime Warranty

$189.95 $151.96 | In Stock 

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$189.95 $151.96 | Low Stock

Free Shipping + Free Returns

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Or 4 payments of $37.99 with afterpay

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